We would be honored to have you join us for any of our services. We look forward to seeing you!


8:45 am – Early Worship Service
10:00 am – Sunday School Classes for all ages
11:00 am – Worship Service
5:30 pm – Evening Worship Service


7:00 pm – Midweek Worship Service
7:00 pm – K.I.T. (Kidz in Training) Klub
Teen Cross Training (Sept-May)


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752 Stewart Road N.
Mansfield, OH 44905


419.589.7213 (fax)


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The Organization of Mansfield Baptist Temple

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Rev. Charles W. Rader and family arrived in Mansfield, Ohio on March 30, 1951, to organize what is known as the Mansfield Baptist Temple. A small group of people were gathered together and met in a storeroom at 108 Orchard St. and we were known as the Mansfield Baptist Temple Mission, sponsored by the Akron Baptist Temple, Akron, Ohio. Dr. Dallas F. Billington, founder and pastor of the Akron Baptist Temple, Akron, Ohio, gave us 100 chairs and a piano to start with also paid the first months’ rent of $110 on the storeroom. Rev. Harold Henninger of the Canton Baptist Temple, Canton, Ohio, paid the second months’ rent and Rev. Pat Patterson of the First Baptist Church of Rittman, Ohio, and Rev. R.L. Thrane of the Butler Baptist Temple of Butler, PA., paid the third months’ rent. Our first services were April 15, 1951. There were rededication of lives to God; also souls saved for a number of weeks. On July 1, 1951, Rev. Rader read and commented on our declaration of faith and gave an invitation for as many as would unite with him to form a full-fledged Baptist Church and change the name of the Mansfield Baptist Temple Mission to the Mansfield Baptist Temple. Eleven people came forward that Sunday morning to join hands and pray that God would use our new church established that it might bring glory and honor to His name.

The following are those eleven:

Mr. Stewart W. Bowman by baptism
Mrs. Stewart W. Bowman by statement
Mrs. Leeda Kasparek by baptism
Mr. B. W. Britton  by statement
Mrs. B.W. Britton by statement
Mr. G.E. Wilkins by statement
Rev. Charles W. Rader by statement
Mrs. E.J. Rader by statement
Richard W. Rader by statement
Rev. James L. Beck, watchcare
Mrs. Elinor Beck, watchcare

The church covenant was read and adopted by all.

(Newspaper Release April 20, 1951)


A fundamental, old-fashioned Baptist Church is being started in Mansfield, Ohio. Rev. Charles W. Rader will be in charge. The address in 108 Orchard St. If you live in and around Mansfield, make your plans to attend a service that you will want to get in and work with Rev. Rader and help him to build another great Baptist church.

Services every Sunday-10:00 A.M. Sunday School; 11:00 A.M. Morning Service; 7:30 P.M. Evening Service; and Prayer Meeting every Wednesday night at 7:30 P.M.

It will be known as the Mansfield Baptist Temple Mission until the church is organized. If you can’t attend service there, please remember the work in your prayers.

Facts about the Mansfield Baptist Temple

We are an entirely Independent Baptist Church. Not affiliated with any convention or organization.

The Mansfield Baptist Temple has an organized active educational program for all ages.

Precious Memories of our Church

March 30, 1951-Mansfield Baptist Temple Mission begins

1957 ground breaking for the new Sunday School addition

1960 first parking lot is added

1966 new auditorium is finished and cornerstone is added

June 30, 1974 Church votes to begin a Christian school in the Sept. 1974

In 1975 a campaign was organized to finance Temple Christian School.

In 1976, a gymnasium was built. Bro. Chuck Riffle, Bus and Youth Minister from 1973-1978 was in charge of the overall construction. It was completed in 1977 and put to good use by the church and school.

January 1, 1978-Folgers unite with the church and began their ministry at MBT.

March, 1978-An historic meeting took place. Because of the financial situation and the banks refusal to work with the church, Pastor Folger meets with all the school parents and church members in a called Thursday night meeting. After explaining the financial crisis , Chuck Dille stood to his feet and stated, “We did not call this pastor to close the church. Let’s get behind him and do whatever it takes.” This meeting was the turning point, when members and friends pledged financial support to save the church. Many members gave their savings, many borrowed money in their own names and $77,000.00 was promised that night to pay current expenses.

In May, 1978 Pastor Folger returned to the bank with a simplified financial statement, attendance report, etc. and they met again and consolidated all the loans with a fixed monthly repayment plan.

October, 1978-Annual Missions Conference-Missionary support was increased for all missionaries.

January, 1978-Don Criss became principal of Temple Christian School and also taught in the school. Don served as the Minister of Music in the church. Bro. Dean Baney was Associate Pastor.

July, 1983-Bro. Bob Lamb joined the staff as the Associate Pastor.

May, 1984-Bro. Al Humble was called as the Youth Director and Minister of Music.

November, 1984-The Empala Motel across from Route 30 was purchased for a mission home, overnight lodging, and offices.

August, 1985-Bro. Dale Adkins accepted the call as the Associate Pastor and moved to Mansfield.

September, 1985-property was purchased on Beal Road for future expansion.

September, 1986-Bro. Jim Trueblood joined the staff as Bus Director and was there until 1991.

June, 1994-Bro. Dale Adkins becomes the Pastor and Bro. Al Humble becomes the Associate Pastor.

2000-Construction begins on the new wing dedicated to Pastor Folger.

June 16, 2012 Dr. Dale V. Adkins submits his resignation to the church effective July 29, 2012. (He is later hired on staff at Pensacola Christian College).

August 5, 2012 Robert J. Kurtz candidates. August 8th, the church votes to call him as their pastor. August 12, 2012 Pastor Kurtz begins his new ministry at MBT!

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